How do tabs work?

  • Tabs allow you to store multiple queries under one window. With tabs, you can easily jump between queries you're working on.
  • Your queries also persist over time in tabs — meaning they'll never disappear. Even if you close your session or refresh the page.
  • Query results stay pinned to their respective tab and are accessible for 24 hours.
  • Each query result is given its own tab, thus, previous query results won't get erased. You can view the 10 most recent results per tab.
  • You can execute multiple queries in parallel in a single tab while viewing each result separately.

Creating a tab

  • Open a board you want to work in or create a new one.
  • Click the "Add tab" button as shown below.

Give your tab(s) a memorable name

  • Double-click on a tab to give it a new name.
  • Your tab's name should be descriptive enough that it is obvious to you what query the tab contains.

Tab settings

Each tab has its own settings that you can edit. To make changes to your tab's settings, click the Settings gear icon as shown below.

Bonus tips with query tabs

Work on multiple queries at the same time

Queries will continue to run, even if you switch tabs while it is still executing.

This means you can switch tabs to work on another query mid-execution, eliminating any time spent waiting for a query to finish.

Execute multiple queries in a single tab

Place a semicolon ";" in between your queries to execute them simultaneously, as shown below.

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