What are boards?

Because your queries don't disappear, you need something to organize your query tabs.

Enter Boards.

Boards are like folders where you store your queries. Think of boards as a management system, allowing you to categorize your queries by subject, project, or however you'd like!

How should I use boards?

Use boards to group related queries together. 

For example, if you're exploring user metrics AND separately working on a personal project, you wouldn't place all those queries into one board.

As illustrated below, you would separate queries into "User Metrics" and "Personal Project" boards.

How do I create and access my boards?

Accessing boards

Click on the Boards icon (shown below) in your Resource Panel to open a list of boards you've created.

Exploring other boards

Each board will have its name displayed, along with a dropdown list of all of the query tabs contained inside.

View the queries inside a board by clicking the ► icon.

Preview queries in other boards

Clicking on a query in the dropdown will open up a preview of its SQL in your results grid.

**If you click on a query within your active board, then it will open that tab.

Opening a board

Click directly on a board to open the group of query tabs it contains.

Creating a new board

To create a new board, click on the "+" sign at the top of your boards list.

Name your board

Once created, give your new board a name. 

It should be descriptive enough that it is obvious where to find specific data and easy to identify which queries the board contains.

Finally, you're ready to start writing your queries  — just be sure to label your queries as well!

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