Because superQuery is a web-based IDE, there is no installation involved. 

As a result, setting up superQuery is very easy and can be done in two different ways:

  1. Logging in via superQuery's website
  2. Logging in via the superQuery Chrome extension

Login from the website (recommended)


1. Go to the superQuery website 


2. Click on "Login" or "Sign Up for Free" 


3. Select an account you'd like to use superQuery with. 

This is typically with your work email, if most of the BigQuery work you do is for your company.


4. When prompted to give permissions to superQuery, click "Allow".

5. Once permissions are given to superQuery, you can start querying in the IDE.


Get the Chrome Extension


1. Find the "superQuery" extension in the Chrome Store.


2. When prompted, click "Add extension"


3. Open the BigQuery Web UI.

You will see a toggle at the top of your screen, which allows you to switch between the BigQuery UI and superQuery's UI.


4. Click on the toggle to switch to superQuery's UI.


5. When prompted to give permissions to superQuery, click "Allow".

You'll then be ready to start working with superQuery's UI.

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