If you receive an error message that says "No OAuth Token with Google Drive scope was found", this is how to resolve the issue.

Why did I receive this error message?

This is happening because you're querying a file that is located in Google Drive and superQuery doesn't have the required permissions to access the file in Drive.


How do I resolve this?

Give permissions to superQuery by clicking on the "Add Permissions" link next to the error message, as shown below.

Other Scenarios

Large teams with frequent key rotations

If you're in a larger organization with an access key rotation policy, you might need to give permissions to superQuery more than once. 

superQuery doesn't have visibility when access keys are rotated, so you might be listed in our system as having given us permissions already but still be unable to query data from Google Drive.

If this might be the case, you can contact us via the Messenger on the lower-left corner of your screen, or email us directly at support@superquery.io.

"I have insufficient permissions to allow superQuery access to my drive"

If you don't have the ability to grant superQuery access, then speak with your IT administrator, or the person responsible for assigning permissions to your Google Cloud.

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